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We help STEM events host engagement driven experiences, virtually.

By building custom sites for each event using our ProjectBoard technology, you can focus on what's important - bringing your community together!

Create a Grand Entrance

Whether your Science Fair or STEM event is virtual or a hybrid, we help create the feeling of being somewhere special.

Submissions, Simplified

With the use the templates and forms, ProjectBoard gives event organizers an easy way to get participants (either as individuals or as teams) started and keep project submissions organized.

View Projects like 

you browse Netflix

Once the event is live, and submissions approved, easily search by category or person, bookmark favorites, and swipe to explore projects, all in one place.

Built for Engagement

ProjectBoard is made for authentic connection. Participants can engage with each other on their projects, the judges, and even sponsoring organizations. 

Award Excellence

For events wanting to give out virtual badges or ribbons, special access can be given to judges who can easily assign awards to projects of their choosing.

Spotlight Partners & Sponsors

Showcasing organizations that help make events happen is very important. Through sponsored categories, awards or featured projects, we create an environment for those partners to get value.

Take Projects Further

In addition to having a permanent online record of the event, participants are encouraged to continue evolving and adding to their projects long after the event is over.

Connect with our team and learn more about the full list of features, options and opportunities. 

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Video Conferencing

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