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As STEM educators re-design their learning experience, our technology is made to support the collaborative process of project-based learning. 

Start with Templates

Each project is set up to support multiple "sections" or areas of work. By creating templates that students (either as individuals or as a team) can build directly from, it provides an easy way for professors to set the stage for every class or capstone project.

Collaborate in Real-Time

ProjectBoard is made for collaboration. Students can work with each other, and use a variety of visual tools, to help them brainstorm and document together. 

Update Progress

Like any major class assignment, it happens over time. Students can easily update the class or professors by create new sections, and the get feedback to the questions or problems to help them continue forward. 

Showcase The Results

If a school chooses to make their projects public, easily swipe to explore all the projects, all in one place.

Reward Excellence

For Universities looking to give out virtual badges or ribbons to outstanding class projects, special access can be given to easily assign awards to those projects.

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to having a permanent online record of the projects, students are encouraged to continue evolving and adding to their projects long after the class is over.

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