Your Collective Workspace

for Engineering Projects

We've been tinkering! is developing a platform that enables anyone in the world to post an engineering project, make meaningful connections, and work together to solve problems, big and small! 

What is a project?

Projects could be as boundless as a creative idea, as structured as a local challenge, as simple as a question or as complex as a moonshot! 



We know there are millions of beautiful minds out there, doing amazing things. By coming together for the common good in a trusted online community, we can unleash this awesome power to make a real difference!!

Where we're at

Like any new idea, we're currently in the creative process of figuring out what works and what doesn't. What could be useful to you, or what's just in the way? Below are the core features we've been developing.

Join forces on our Magicboard!  

Think of the magic board as a visual organizer for each project. We want to create a place where you can sketch and annotate ideas, text, models, images, etc in real-time with your peers in a way that enhances the project discussion.


Browse interesting projects created

by individuals, institutions or industry. Easily get involved in the projects that spark your curiosity!


Interested in workshopping a new idea? Post your project and easily connect with peers to build your team.


Brainstorm and collaborate with your peers in a simple and intuitive way with our free Magicboard toolset.


Use LEO, our AI bot, whose goal is to provide useful context to expand perspectives, connect the dots, and reduce duplicated effort.