A collaborative infrastructure that significantly improves the process to document, share and advance projects online. It can be customized for your community needs. 

How it Works

Our communities use "Boards" to develop public or private projects. A Board is a collaborative place to take action on questions, ideas or problems you want to solve.


Each Board is equipped with the ability to assemble teams, add media, upload files, create whiteboards and more, so you have the tools to share ideas more effectively!

Is ProjectBoard for me?

Here's a breakdown if you're not so sure:

Do you have a team project or assignment for class or work?

With the "team" tool, customize levels of ownership and engagement for each member of your group.

Do you consider yourself a problem solver?

Welcome to the club. ProjectBoard is the perfect platform to identify problems, find opportunities, test solutions, and get feedback.

Do you have an idea for something, but don't know where to start?

ProjectBoard is a perfect place for you. Sometimes starting with a "what if" is enough to get the ball rolling. Don't want to share your idea just yet? That's okay, each project is equiped with a "private mode", allowing you all the time you need.

Do you like brainstorming ideas with people?

You can do that here. Set your project to "Public" and make sure you assign it categories so others can easily find it on the homepage!

Do you like hashing out ideas alone?

You can also do that here. All Boards have the ability to be "private" for as long as you need it.

Don't have a project of your own?

No problem. With ProjectBoard, you can explore and seach public projects. Give them a thumbs up, comment or jump in to help... All are great ways to encourage those who are putting themselves out there to keep going!