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Work on projects you care about, brainstorm in real time, get exposure and build a team to

turn ideas into reality.


Build a profile and connect with influential minds that can help you, hire you or promote you to achieve your goals.


Advance your career by working on funded challenges, contract work or by getting funding for your own projects.


Use LEO, your AI sidekick to identify duplicated effort, give context, recommend content

and facilitate connections. 

We believe engineers are amazing people who do amazing things!

What is a project?

Projects could be as boundless as a creative idea, as structured as a local challenge, as simple as a question or as complex as a moonshot! 

Work in real time, together

Utilize our free online collaborative white board, the Whiteboard to enhance the project discussion and progress. Here, you can upload files, sketch, annotate, and share ideas on projects both in private groups or to the public .