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The World needs more creative ideas to solve problems. People have those ideas, yet 92% fail to act on them... 

You can be the 8%. It's a lot easier than you think.

Start with

a thought.

...or a picture, or a whiteboard, or a link. Ideas at the beginning are messy, unorganized and scary... and that's okay!

Add stuff as you go.

Ideas take time to develop.  One day you make progress, and another you've hit a wall. That's totally normal! Enjoy the process.

Get help when

you're stuck.

Making ideas real is hard but know that you're not alone. Ask questions, even if you think they're dumb, That's what our community is for!

"I think the community on ProjectBoard is amazing. I feel very welcomed and I've gotten tons of great comments about my project. I found learning how to user ProjectBoard took a little bit of figuring out and trial and error, but now I kind of understand everything. I'm sad I didn't hear about ProjectBoard sooner!"

"This is way better then just putting ideas in notebooks and putting them on a shelf! I am so glad I found this virtual hang out spot."

Let's do great things together

(Oh and... it's free

Side note... :)

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It's like HQ, but instead of trivia, do simple things that make the World better!