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How it works

Think, Google Docs + Whiteboards + Instagram

Make Things Happen!

Collaborate all in one place on your ProjectBoards. Brainstorm, chat, sketch, post links, upload files, share and export... all with the control of doing it privately, with a team and with the community!

The Magic is Our Community

Browse what your peers are thinking about and working on. From simple problems, to challenges, to moonshots, support their efforts, and contribute to their causes!


How do I create a project?

To create a project, click Start Now in the top left corner of the screen.

I don't have any research or work done. Can I still create a project?

Yes! You can create a project for an idea you have, something you've completed, or anything else.

Do I need an account to participate in projects?

You can browse community projects without an account, but you will need an account to create or contribute to projects. Only an email address is required to create an account. Your email is not visible to anyone.

Can other people see my project?

Your project is only visible to you and your team members until you choose to share it with the community. To do this, toggle the Publish switch on your project.

Why am I not getting an account confirmation email?

Make sure you typed your email address correctly and check your spam folder. If you used a school email, it may have been blocked by your school. Use a personal email instead.

How can I invite people to work on my project?

To invite team members, go to the team tab on your project and click invite. Then write your team member’s email or username and select their role.

Who can contribute to my project?

If your project is private, only you and team members you have added as contributors and admins can contribute to your project.

Anyone can contribute to a public project.

Can I make my public project private again?

Yes. To make your public project private, edit the project and toggle the publish switch.