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How it Works

Our community uses "Boards" to develop ideas and Projects. A Board is a collaborative place to take action on questions, ideas or problems you want to solve.

Is ProjectBoard for me?

Most likely the answer is yes, but here's a breakdown if you're not so sure:

Extra Stuff

Each Board is equipped with the ability to comment, add images, create whiteboards and more, so you have the tools to share ideas more effectively!

"I think the community on ProjectBoard is amazing. I feel very welcomed and I've gotten tons of great comments about my project. I found learning how to user ProjectBoard took a little bit of figuring out and trial and error, but now I kind of understand everything. I'm sad I didn't hear about ProjectBoard sooner!"

"This is way better then just putting ideas in notebooks and putting them on a shelf! I am so glad I found this virtual hang out spot."